Setup Outlook 2010 or newer

In outlook 2010 you can set up your hosted email by going into accounts and adding an account. 

Enter your email address and password, then click Next.  It will then  auto detect the settings and install then accoutn into your Outlook.

Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 steps:
  •  Click 'File'
  •  Click 'Account Settings'
  •  Click the drop down "Account Settings" below where you just clicked
  •  Click 'New' (below the tabs, but above the central box)
  •  Enter Email address
  •  Enter password
  •  Click 'Next'
  •  Follow instructions (usually just click 'next' and/or 'finish')


NOTE: This sets up your email at IMAP.  This means that if you do something to an email, it does it directly on our server.  If you use multiple devices (computer, tablet, phone) they all see these changes.  If you remove an email, it does so on all the devices.  This also means that any folders you create, unless you specify otherwise, are created on our server.  Since each mailbox is allocated 1 Gb of space, this could fill up fast.  We recommend when creating folders you add them as a 'local' or 'on this computer' folder.  That way when you move the email to that folder, it moves it to your computer, and removes it off our server, to keep that space free for future email.

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